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.:SMART RadioThe only way to go!!!

Smart Radio, also known as "KBGI.FM - Superier Radio" Founded by Multi-Million Dollar Rap Mogul K.B. of Los Angeles Based Superier Recordz(Recently purchased by SUNI/Universal Co.) pushes into the top 10 online hip-hop internet stations in 2006, heading into 2007 with a BanG! The nearly 10 year stretch in development of Superier Recordz by the M.D.C., a.ka.(also known as) 'Million Dolla' Clique' Family and K.B., known to many as Ahjahman Frazier, 31 Born and Raised in Los Angeles has positioned this quickly climbing family into the Billion Dollar Club! When asked how it felt to now enjoy the fruits of 'a more luxurious' lifestyle, Frazier (K.B.) just looked and said "Lovely.. Thank GOD!" November marks the anniversary of a long tradition of Superier Recordz  founders full of fun and laughter as the National New Years festivals approach. In January, the Martin Luther King Day festival in Los Angeles may very well bring a treat! A live performance by the tycoon Stallion. We were told when asking... "You'll just have to wait and see!".

-Smart Radio, Linda Schrowder

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Keep an eye open for 'REBOUND' .. a new hood screenplay! As a leader in film, Orion's light Productions bring us this thrilling drama about two close friends who grew up in the hood and make it big after overcoming many obstacles and trials!  J. Swift, co-star of this excellent must see says, "I'm a determined man who is willing to do what it takes to get there!" Universal Records Released the news Monday about how they casts the film.  "This time" Dollar Richmond, Universals newly elected Operations Director, says, "we made sure we included everyone!" The stars of this amazing new Blockbuster were chosen from a selection of nearly 500,000!

For contest info on how to WIN $1000.00, visit camuslanduties by either clicking the link and/or going directly to the webpage. sign up for a new portfolio page and you could be the winner of a $1000.00 cold, hard cash!!!!



Universal Records spawns a new division, unexpected and definitely exploding on the scene with worldwide musical heat! UNIVERSAL SUPERIOR ... the Undisputed (U.S.) Records headlines new artist, like Kyngebamme a.k.a. K.B. or TRILLION after displaying royal and most definately 'worth purchasing' musical compositions in verse on the latest (U.S.) Records Compilation Release, 'STAYING SUPERIOR' Selling over 150,000 copies on the Underground music scene...

The 'NEW' division of Universal projects over 50,000,000 sales over the next 3 years!!!!

Working with major and independent artist gives the New division an edge no other music company worldwide presents.

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this is the right time to make a difference and impact the industry the why you always wanted to! Universal Records is accepting artist submissions RIGHT NOW for the new UNIVERSAL SUPERIOR ... Undisputed (U.S.) Records 'NEW" Universal Division!!  Click Below for more info on how to mail all Submission (s), Worldwide to:



Putting Texas on the map, Again, Down N dirty Ent. steps on the scene with the Coast 2 Coast Project - Da Compilation!

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